Amazing waterproof cases – to help you get out and enjoy the outdoor life!

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Our Story

We invented the first ever waterproof phone case – way back at the beginning of the 80s. So that makes over 30 years now that we’ve been designing and building innovative waterproof bags.

In fact we recently worked out that we’d sold over 5 million of them!

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We’re best known for cases that you can use phones and cameras through. Protecting them from water, sand, dust and dirt. But also letting you use them normally.

But we also offer a range of waterproof backpacks and duffel bags and all sorts of multi-purpose drybags.

All our waterproof gear comes with a Full 5-Year Warranty.

The Professional Choice

Aquapac waterproof cases are used by Search & Rescue, Coast Guard, outdoor workers, and other professionals all over the world. We sell them in over 60 different countries.

As well as our own line we have developed products specially for many leading global brands.


Our warehouse is in Kearny, New Jersey 07032. UPS Ground shipping to the continental states is free for any order over $25.

Waterproof Phone Cases
Photo of Aquapac TrailProof Phone Case copyright Peter Hazell


Waterproof Backpacks
Photo of Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack copyright


Sale on Waterproof Camera Cases

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