Dave’s 1000-mile cycle

Dave Cornthwaite

We have been working with Dave Cornthwaite ever since he became our ‘Aquapac Outdoor Champion’ in 2012.

He’s a world record holding SUP rider, endurance swimmer, long distance cyclist and all-round good guy.

He’s currently trying to cycle 1000-miles across the USA on a recumbant bike… and at the time of posting has just gotten heatstroke in the desert.

Dave has completed 14 out of 25 non-motorised journeys of over 1,000 miles (1,600 km). When he’s not paddling, pedalling or otherwise pushing himself on one of these extraordinary expeditions he is invariably creating one of an ever-growing number of socially-driven initiatives.

Aquapac has committed to donate 10% of the value of all the sales of our two new Expedition SUP bags to the Say Yes More foundation, which was one of Dave’s many initiatives.

The Foundation: SayYesMore
Web: Dave Cornthwaite