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Whether it’s stand-up, whitewater or canoeing, we’ve got a waterproof solution for your gear to let you get on with your day and not worry about it.

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Sailing, powerboating or houseboat; our heritage is boating and we’ve been selling cases for yachting for over 30 years.

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Pedal-power compatible products to help you carry your gear on 2-wheels, whether it’s an urban commute or a day on the trails.

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Lightweight, comfortable waterproof solutions for a day on the trail, which are pocket or pack compatible.

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Packing and storage solutions for keeping your gear dry and protected on the campsite, in the car… or pretty much anywhere else.

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Products designed for keeping passports, money and valuables safe and dry when you’re on vacation.

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Winter Sports

Cold-weather compatible protective bags and cases which stay flexible and usable below freezing.

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Water Sports

100% Waterproof cases to protect against spray, splash and immersion when you’re enjoying the water.

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