waterproof map case (the ‘Kaituna’)

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Whether you're dinghy sailing or sea kayaking, our totally waterproof map case will keep your maps safe, dry and always at hand.

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Aquapac Kaituna Map Case 808 - rear view
rear view – clear both front and back!

Key Features

  • Ultra-clear TPU construction
  • Tough, reinforced multi-attachment strips
  • Roll-seal and Velcro®closure; tried and tested waterproofing
  • The roll-down seal will keep out any rain or mud, or spray on a kayak.
  • The attachment strips mean you can use a neckcord, bungee, carabiner or webbing strap and attach this case to just about anything.
  • The Kaituna is a whitewater river in the North Island of New Zealand.

What size do I need?
This map case fits Trails Illustrated and most other popular map sizes

Please note that TPU map cases are not suitable for use with solvent-based pens for navigation. Grease Pens should be used instead

Aquapac Kaituna Map Case 808 - detail
detail of the roll seal

How waterproof is it?
IPX6 waterproofing levelStormproof – protected against powerful water jets

Clear with black border

300mu UV-resistant TPU

Case: 2.3oz / 66g   Lanyard: 0.3oz / 8g

Country of Origin
Designed in the UK. Made in China.

(code 808)






Note: Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.


  1. Roger, UK

    I use one for sea kayaking. I’m delighted with it.

  2. Graham Uney, Wild UK blog

    I was actually very impressed with this map case. I’ve used another leading brand of map case for a number of years, and have always thought that nothing could beat it. A good quality map case is durable (many become brittle in the cold, then split), has a non-slip surface for ease of taking compass bearings, and is easy to fold in half with the map inside for stuffing in a jacket pocket. The Kaituna has all of those features. It’s made from a lovely soft, rubbery plastic, so is very usable in all weather conditions, and when used with a compass it has sufficient ‘grip’ that the compass baseplate doesn’t slide along the surface. One very minor addition I would like to see Aquapac make would be a little tab to make opening the case easier – the two sides of the opening tend to stick together a little too well, it’s a bit like trying to pull apart a plastic shopping carrier bag. The seal is a roll-over Velcro flap, which is a well tried and tested method. This is all and all a good solution to keeping your map dry and usable throughout your hill walks.

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