lightweight waterproof drybags (the ‘Noatak Wet & Drybag’ range)


Noatak is a range of lightweight waterproof drybags, in 2 sizes.

Each has 2 compartments – that’s the Wet & Dry part – making it easy to keep your wet and dry gear apart.

Both bags now on Sale. Huge savings!

Note: the two larger sizes have already sold out and been discontinued.

(codes: 15L 768, 25L 778)

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This is our range of super-lightweight waterproof drybags, known as the Noatak Wet & Drybag™ range. With simple but useful shoulder straps.

A simple but ingenious design means you’ll find two 2 compartments inside the bags. The idea is that you can put your wet stuff in one side and your dry stuff in the other (or your smelly stuff and your clean stuff!)

We put shoulder straps on them to make them easy to carry around. Good for lightweight travel, camping, biking and other activities where light-weight is more important than super-strong (if it’s the latter you need you need to check out our heavyweight TrailProof Drybags).

Key Features

  • Internal Wet & Dry sections
  • Supplied with 2 shoulder straps for use as a backpack, shoulderbag or grab-bag
  • Super light-weight waterproof fabrics make these great day-bags
  • The roll-down seal will keep out any rain or mud, or spray on a kayak.
  • The integral lashtab is perfect for lashing it down to a deck.
  • The Noataks are made of Ripstop Nylon. Ripstop is a woven fabric that has an extra thread added to the weave which stops a tear or rip from traveling across or down the fabric.
  • The fabric is TPU-coated to keep water out.

The Noatak River is a river in northwestern Alaska.

How waterproof are they?
IPX6 waterproofing level They’re Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

Materials: 70D PU-coated ripstop nylon
Color: Gray, black and orange
Country of Origin: Designed in the UK. Made in China.

The 2 Sizes

 ltrs cu in H W D oz*
15 915 20.5in 11.0in 8.7in 9.3
25 1525 20.5in 15.0in 9.1in 11.0

*these weights include the 2 detachable shoulder straps – a pair of which weigh 2.9oz

(codes: 15L 768, 25L 778)






  1. Katie

    I love this backpack because of the lightness of it. I ordered the 25L size and my only criticism is that is seems like it should have velcro at the top across the flap, I have to literally fold the top 5 times to get a seal that will not pull the layers apart but other than that I highly recommend this wet dry bag.

    • Tim

      Many thanks for your feedback, Katie. It is much appreciated. I am forwarding to our Product Development team. -Tim.

  2. Kedyn Sierra, USA

    I want to thank you for helping me acquire essential gear for the expedition in SE Alaska. The bags were incredible, and the trip wouldn’t have been the same without them. I stored my cameras in the bags every single day, I stored all my clothes in the 60L Dry bag and it protected them from the harsh waters of Alaska. Our Kayaks would be eaten by the waves, water would spill into the hatches, things got wet but I knew the important gear wasn’t.


    Up until quite recently I had always thought that Aquapac only produced waterproof bags for gadgets. As it turns out the range covers so much more. Whilst checking out the Aquapac online store a couple of the products looked of particular interest. One of the products that caught my eye was the 60L Noatak wet/dry bag. I didn’t have any issues with water ingress. The timing of the arrival of the Noatak couldn’t have been better. Landing just before the start of the Easter holidays has meant that the drybag has been put through its paces. Over the last few weeks the Noatak has been thrown from boat to boat (dropped in the water once), used for storage within a canoe, carried safety kit during a canyoneering trip, stashed in the back of a couple of kayaks and has even been used on a couple of short shore based hikes, although the 60L one is probably a little on the large side for a daypack. Throughout the Noatak has kept its contents dry and if its contents were both of the wet and dry variety it has kept the two nicely separated. I can’t fault it. I plan to pick up a 25L version to use as a grab bag for some emergency kit in the car/kayak.

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