35L Lightweight Waterproof Backpack (the ‘Wet & Dry’ range)


A premium lightweight waterproof backpack, available in two sizes. This is the 35L. Click here for the 25L.

Whether you’re commuting in the rain or paddling a SUP, these are fully-featured waterproof daysacks that will protect your gear from the elements.

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This is our range of premium-featured lightweight waterproof daysacks.

They’re designed to be comfortable to wear whatever you’re up to, and they’re packed with useful features.

Brilliant for travel, biking and other activities where weight and full features are a priority.

Aquapac Waterproof Backpacks 788 789 internal Wet & Dry pouch pocket2

Stacked with features

  • Full-size waterproof internal pocket – allows you to separate your wet and dry things (or dirty and clean things) stowed safely in the same bag
  • Internal pockets in yellow – so you can see to the bottom of the bag easily
  • Clear key pocket – no need to scrabble around inside the bag for those small items
  • External mesh-pockets – keep a bottle or pump quick and easy to get to
  • PU-coated fabric with taped seams – water can’t seep in through the seams, even where they are sewn
  • Proven roll-seal – quick and easy closure which provides excellent sealing against the elements
  • Removable back support/seat – take it out to dry it quickly after a soaking, or protect yourself when sitting on rough terrain
  • Pocket can be used for hydration bladder – add in a bladder and clip the hose to the carabiner supplied, to stay hydrated on the trail (click here to learn more)
  • Integral light-lash – add a light to your back, or clip on your helmet to stay hands-free
  • Breathable mesh straps – quick-drying and breathable mesh straps are lightweight and comfortable
  • Reflective logo print – be seen at night with reflective ink on your back, but be subtle in daylight
  • Sternum strap – keep the backpack securely in place when you are moving on the trail
  • Waist strap
  • Carabiner lashes – so you can attach your map-case, water-bottle or safety equipment to keep it convenient and hands-free.
  • 100% PVC-Free – stays supple and crack-free even when it’s really cold.

Aquapac Waterproof Backpack 788 details

IPX6 waterproofing levelHow waterproof are they?
They’re Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

What size do I need?

CapacityFlat DimensionsIn Use DimensionsWeight
  • The 25-liter pack is big enough to carry a 17″ laptop, a change of clothes and a small lunch
  • The 35-liter pack is big enough to carry a laptop, a change of clothes, a warm jacket and a meal
  • The mesh pockets on both sizes will hold 2-liter water bottles.

PVC-FreeTech specs

  • Materials: PU-coated nylon and polyester
  • Color: black with safety orange lashtab surround
  • Country of origin: designed in the UK, made in China.

Instructions for use and care
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  1. Recoil Offgrid

    At 35 liters, the Wet & Dry Backpack isn’t large, but it can serve as a stellar daypack in turbulent conditions.
    Full review: https://www.offgridweb.com/gear/stormproof-backpack-buyers-guide/

  2. Estelle

    I bought the 35L in 2013, so 5 years ago now, use it all the time cycling to work, and it doesn’t look used at all. No hardware has degraded in that time – not a single run in the mesh side pockets even, or a loose thread!! Ridiculously good and keeps things dry. Only reason I am leaving this review is because I am back on their site considering a 15L too…

  3. GearAppraise

    I would sum up by describing the backpack as extremely well designed, well built, lightweight and comfortable.

  4. T3, The gadget Website, “The most practical and stylish backpacks for men”

    Ideal for traveling, biking, and activities such as stand up paddle boarding, this waterproof pack will ensure all of your precious belongings stay dry. The TPU-coated fabric with taped seams and roll-seal top will keep water out, and an internal divider will separate wet and dry items of clothing (or dirty and clean). It’s comfortable as well, with removable back support/seat and chest and waist straps.

  5. Steve Jones, British Exploring Society

    I’ve been using my Wet & Dry bag a great deal. I continue to rave to our network about the quality of your gear.

  6. “11 best daysacks for walking” in www.independent.co.uk

    Aquapac’s rugged waterproof bags are perfect for wet weather… [their] brilliant range of “wet and dry” backpacks are fully, reliably waterproof… Ideal for sailors, stand-up paddleboarders or just very wet and miserable hikers.

  7. PeakedInterest.co.uk

    I’d have confidence in taking it out in the harshest of weather with my most treasured kit inside and that says a lot.
    Full review at http://peakedinterest.co.uk/2016/11/05/aquapac-wet-and-dry-day-pack/

  8. telegraph.co.uk

    This rucksack comes in various sizes and is ideal for stand-up paddle boarding, or kayaking with a sit-on-top canoe. It is waterproof and highly robust and can be easily carried to a campsite or beach barbecue location, in addition to being used in water. Ease of Use 5, Ease to Carry 4, Robustness 4, Waterproofness 5, Overall 5. Highly versatile and good value for money. This is a really good piece of kit for any water-based activity that is equally valuable on land for storing any wet items and stopping them from leaking into your dry kit.

  9. The People newspaper

    Whether you’re packing up after a festival, commuting in the rain or canyoning down a waterfall, this is the waterproof backpack that will protect your gear. 4 stars. ‘Great Gadget’.

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