Deluxe Expedition SUP Backpack

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A great new backpack designed especially for your SUP expeditions!

Inspired by Aquapac Ambassador and adventurer Dave Cornthwaite’s stand up paddleboard journeys, including a record-breaking descent of the Mississippi River in 2011 – over 2400 miles.

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Key FeaturesAquapac SUP Backpack Back

  • Capacity is 36 liters
  • You get a clear map pocket, with a splashproof zipper
  • It comes with comfortable quick-dry shoulderstraps, and a sternum strap for comfort
  • It’s made of a super-light but tough material, and weighs in at only 21.5oz / 0.61kgs
  • The proven 3-roll waterproof seal attaches to compression straps on each side to help you cinch it down securely
  • You get a mesh bottle pocket on each side
  • There are four little lash points so you can secure it to your SUP board
  • It has a grab handle, and…
  • It’s 100% PVC-Free!

IPX6 waterproofing levelHow waterproof is it?

  • The 3-roll seal makes the main bag waterproof to IPX6waterproof to IPX4
  • The zip makes the map pocket waterproof to IPX4

PVC-FreeTech specs

  • Capacity: 2197 cu in / 36 liters
  • Weight: 21.5oz / 0.61kgs
  • Height: 15.7in / 40.0cm
  • Width: 11.0in / 28.0cm
  • Depth: 6.7in / 17.0cm
  • Materials: 420D PU-coated nylon
  • Color: safety orange and cool gray
  • Country of origin: designed in the UK, made in China

Instructions for use and care
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  1. Sarah Leighton, Intrepid Magazine

    In the final week before I attempt my ULTIMATE Wales challenge, I’ve been testing the Aquapac deluxe expedition SUP backpack. For almost a year I have been honing my SUP skills and preparing for my expedition, in which I’m going to stand up paddle, cycle and hike across Wales, from Cardiff to Holyhead. I’ve spent hours looking at dry bags, rucksacks, and duffel bags, trying to work out the best way for me to carry kit on my SUP board. The first thing I noticed about the backpack was the styling. A striking orange material with a smooth sealed zip on the front, which opens a spacious map pocket or possibly a solar panel charging space. It’s perfectly positioned for map viewing or quick access during paddling, something which I didn’t fully appreciate until I took it out to sea. Aquapac rate the zip pocket as splash proof, so when I popped my phone in there for quick access, I did so with it in its own waterproof case. The Aquapac SUP backpack has a 36-litre capacity, so I’d consider it ideal on its own for long day trips, and for overnight micro adventures. For me, it’s an ideal size for splitting my kit between the front and back of the board, so I can use this backpack combined with another bag for my longer expedition. It’s a perfect size to pack with the kit that I’ll want to keep close to hand during my challenge. There is plenty of space inside for food (and lots of it!), water storage, additional clothing, communication and navigation equipment, and emergency first aid supplies. The seams on this backpack feel literally seamless, and the material is light and strong. Another feature which I didn’t fully appreciate until I got out onto the water were the two mesh bottle holders on the sides of the pack. During the heat of some of my longer training days, I can drink in excess of 5 litres of water per day. So, quick access water bottle holders just make life easier! The bag features a strong handle on the top, and backpack straps which enable it to be carried as that – a backpack; again, another feature which I appreciated greatly when it came to taking it out on the water. It’s not often I can paddle out without first having to carry my equipment some distance. So, for me, being able to pop this bag on my back freed up my hands to carry my board and paddle with ease. I’ve used standard dry bags throughout my training and I must say that strapping a dry bag on one end of the board and then trying to carry it, particularly in windy conditions, can be a bit of a nightmare. The bag has the relevant lash points for attaching it to the board, without being over complicated. I didn’t use these during first use of the bag, as the bungee straps on my board held it snuggly in place. However, for my challenge, these are something which I will definitely utilise. The last thing I want, should I be unfortunate enough to turn my board during my challenge, is for my kit bags to go floating off into the Bristol channel without me! Finally, and most importantly, the backpack is waterproof. The main bag with its 3-roll seal and side compression straps, is rated as storm-proof by Aquapac. A good test of this rating was important for me. You never quite know how well kit will handle the Welsh weather! During my first ocean SUP with the backpack, I saw rain, sun, wind, and rainbows. As a result, the bag was certainly tested for its waterproof ability by waves splashing heavily over the board and bag. Everything inside stayed perfectly dry, and I’d therefore endorse it for use on any ocean expedition or adventure. Overall, I would say that this backpack is well thought out, well manufactured, and has a neat and stylish finish. If I could change one thing, it would be to have a little more visible branding, as the Aquapac logo only features on the bottom of the bag. My trusty new Aquapac deluxe SUP expedition backpack is certainly going to be a key piece of kit that I’ll be using for my ULTIMATE Wales challenge, as well as going forward into my future SUP expeditions and adventures.

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