Heavyweight Waterproof Daysack (the ‘Toccoa’) – 28L

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Our heavyweight waterproof daysacks are tough enough to take all the trail can throw at you.

Tough waterproof protection at a price you can afford!

as seen in Cycling World and Windsurf magazines

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Pretty CoolGear of the Year from Cool of the Wild

Cool of the Wild selected the Toccoa for its ‘Gear of the Year 2017’.

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TrailProof Daysack 791-792 detailing cyanThis is the 28-liter heavyweight waterproof backpack from our TrailProof range.

It’s designed to waterproof your gear for rugged adventures, but be simple and affordable.

Brilliant for paddling, biking, vacation and extreme sports.

There are three colors, to suit your mood – acid green, cool blue, or matt black.

Key featuresTrailProof Daysack 791-792 rear view

  • Tough 500D Vinyl will resist scrapes and abrasion on the trail.
  • All-welded construction seals out any water.
  • Roll-down seal with side (compression) or top (maximum volume) closure.
  • Mesh side pockets for drinks or quick-access items.
  • Breathable mesh straps and padding.
  • Lash points for lights.
  • Daisy-chain webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag.
  • Grab handle, for grabbing easily.

This pack is sometimes called the ‘Toccoa’ –  after the whitewater river in Georgia, USA.

IPX6 waterproofing levelHow waterproof are they?
They’re Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

dimensions diagramTech Specs

  • Capacity: 1709 cu in / 28 liters
  • Height: 18.5in /47cm (this is the maximum when sealed)
  • Width: 9.4in / 24cm
  • Depth: 7.9in / 20cm
  • Weight: bag 28.8oz / 817g  removable waist strap 2.6oz / 73g  total 31.4oz / 890g
  • Materials: 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin
  • Colors: acid green, cool blue, matt blackAquapac TrailProof Daysack water bottle 16oz473ml with size
  • Country of origin: designed in the UK, made in China.

Instructions for use and care
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  1. Trail magazine Gear Guide 2018

    Aquapac’s stock-in-trade is waterproofing, and they’ve got it licked with a robust one-piece roll-top design that will take a day’s worth of gear. There’s a basic back system too, making this a slightly weighty but highly useful bag for very wet environments, or anything that involves a boat.


    If you have never thought about taking a fully waterproof backpack on the trail, believing them to be for the sole use of watersports enthusiasts, then I urge you to think again, because Aquapac have a range of packs that fit the bill perfectly. Take, for example, the super-tough but lightweight Toccoa, which I have been trialling in 28L format. What is great about this pack is that it will cope with everything the trail – and you – throw at it, because that is exactly what it is designed for, yet it sits at a really affordable price point. Aquapac class it as multi-purpose, so it doesn’t matter whether you are paddling, hiking, biking or heading off to enjoy some extreme sports, this is the pack for you. Available in three colours – acid green, cool blue and matt black – the pack is manufactured in tough 500D vinyl, sealing out water thanks to the all-welded construction. I particularly like the roll-down seal with either side compression or top (maximum volume) closure. Basically, if you only a half-full pack, then the compression straps keep your gear, and the pack, nice and compact. Should you have a full bag, then go for the maximum space allowance with the top closure. Three rolls and you are sealed and ready to hit the trail.

  3. Chris Ellis, Ergohacks

    The bag is obviously made for watersports enthusiasts and professionals. If that’s you this is the perfect bag. It’ll keep your stuff dry and it’s comfortable to wear. Recommended.
    click here to read the in-depth review

  4. Snow Industry News

    The pack is perfect for paddling, biking, vacation and extreme sports, such as short ski tours.
    click here to read the in-depth review

  5. Kiteworld magazine, Definitive Kiteworld Christmas List 2017

    The Toccoa is a 28 litre heavyweight, waterproof daysack that’ll keep your beach essentials clean and dry. Featuring mesh side pockets for water bottles, the bag is available in green, blue and matt black.

  6. Gareth Mate, Netherlands

    I found this pack to be essential for rainy days on the bike. It is also the perfect companion for other pursuits like paddling. The pack is well designed and certainly stood up to whatever the weather was throwing at me. I made several journeys in heavy rain and strong winds. My entire contents, along with my laptop stayed completely dry.

  7. Cool of the

    The Aquapac 28L Toccoa is more than just a drybag for adventures on and in the water. It is also one super useful daypack that holds way more than you might think, and is comfortable enough to hike, bike or even run with. Use as a wet bag to chuck in sodden wetsuits and soggy towels, a dry bag to keep your essentials dry on paddling adventures, or a waterproof daypack when rainy day hiking and biking is on the cards… For water babies and beach lovers, this is a must-have bag. And for those who love all kinds of hiking, biking and camping adventures, whatever the weather, having a totally waterproof backpack in your life is a big game-changer. Durable, versatile and surprisingly comfortable, the Aquapac 28L Toccoa Drybag is fast becoming my go-to bag, in or out of the water.

  8. Collin Guernsey, Explorer Gear Co

    This a great bag and would be a great purchase!

  9. Peter Hazell, watersports photographer, UK

    This is my favourite Aquapac bag. Excellent build quality, and waterproof (as tested by Toby the windsurfer). Superb for the boat, sailing , walking, coasteering.

  10. Marc, Hereford, UK

    I have the 28lt waterproof daysack. This is a fantastic piece of kit that I use every day.

  11. Active Traveller magazine

    If you’re guaranteed to get soaked, the 28-litre Aquapac Toccoa is a good way of keeping essential kit dry. Value 4.5, Quality 5, Performance 4.5, Looks 4, Overall 4.5.

  12. Ben Horan, tester for The Bike List

    Basically, this thing is more than waterproof enough for any day out in torrential rain! No more soggy sandwiches! After a muddy outing with the one we had on test, to clean it, with kit inside, I dunked it in a reservoir. Not a drop of water leaked inside… Being honest, this pack misses out on some key features that off road cycle-specific designs from other companies offer. For example, there’s no hydration reservoir, or pocket to hold one. There are no separated internal pockets, or external smaller pockets. This is essentially a product which is suited to a variety of outdoor activities, ranging across the board, where extremely wet conditions are a concern. The high viz version of this rucksack however is still a good option for commuters as it not only keeps your work clothes and lunch dry but also ensures that other road users see you as you make your way through rush hour traffic. The lack of features that make other packs more appealing is partially down to its extreme waterproofed design. It is essentially a dry bag as you would use on a boat or canoe. Taken on its own merits however, of keeping anything you put inside it completely dry, this pack excels over others on the market.

  13. Cycling World magazine

    A moderately-priced, simple solution for rugged waterproofing on the trail.

  14. Sean Conway, 2014 Adventurer of the Year, 1st and only person in history to swim the length of Britain

    That’s a great piece of kit!

  15. Alex Fisher, Editor, Coast Magazine

    The bag is brilliant. My husband, who went surfing yesterday and tried it out, has bag envy! We happen to be doing a sea swimming feature in the next issue, this is completely perfect for this – would recommend it to everyone! Absolutely love it!

  16. Country Walking magazine

    The Toccoa is so cool that it looks equally at home on Manchester’s Deansgate as it does on a Peak District hillside. And usefully for both locations, it’s completely waterproof. It is amazingly light and made with fully welded reinforced vinyl, while the roll-top closure keeps the contents bone dry.

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