90L Lightweight Waterproof Duffel Bag (the ‘Upano’ range)

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Upano is a range of lightweight waterproof duffels, in 2 sizes. Brilliant for rafting, travel, base camp, sailing and expedition use.

As featured in Outside magazine Summer Buyer’s Guide and Backpacker Best New Gear.

Both bags $50 off!

(codes: 70L 703, 90L 705)

as seen in Outside and Geographical
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Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 3 ways to carry
3 ways to carry

These are our lightweight but completely waterproof Upano™ duffel bags.

Brilliant for adventure travel, camping, backcountry vacation, sailing and expedition use.

As featured in Outside Summer Buyer’s Guide, and also in Backpacker Best New Gear.

Key Features

Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 purge air release valve
the air-release / purge valve
  • Super-lightweight but tough, welded construction
  • Removable shoulder straps for easy portage
  • Air-release valve for easy packing – squeeze the air out as you roll it closed
  • Internal ID pocket for airport travel
  • Compression straps to minimise volume
  • Multiple attachment points for straps or lashing
  • Brightly colored ends for higher visibility
  • PVC-Free / 0% Vinyl.
  • The Upano is a river in Ecuador.

Warning: The air-release valve comes off if fully unscrewed. Only unscrew it enough to allow the air out. And make sure you then screw it up tightly or water will seep in! We recommend that you keep it screwed closed at all times except when you are actually purging the air.

The 2 Sizes

Note: we have discontinued the 40L bag, but you might still find one on Amazon

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*these weights include the 2 detachable shoulder straps

Aquapac lightweight waterproof duffel Upano 701 703 705 shoulder strap detail
shoulder strap – detail

How waterproof are they?
IPX6 waterproofing level They’re Stormproof (protected against powerful water jets – click on the icon for more)

Roll up roll up!
Please note: You need to roll the bag very tightly to line up the two halves of Velcro. This is essential if you want your bag to be waterproof. One or two customers have suggested that we might use a wider strip of Velcro to make it easier to close. But if we did that, then your bag wouldn’t be waterproof.

Color: Gray, black and orange
Materials: 420D PU-coated nylon
Country of Origin: Designed in the UK. Made in China.

Instructions for use and care

(codes: 70L 703, 90L 705)






PS: You spell it Duffle, we spell it Duffel, let’s call the whole thing off!


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