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A completely waterproof case to fit the iPhone 6 7 8 and X, the Google Pixel, and most Samsung Galaxy S phones.

This is the middle size of 5 ‘Classic’ submersible phone cases.

The original waterproof phone case – and still the best!

as seen in Motor Boats Monthly and Trail magazines

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rear view showing camera window
rear view showing camera window

My phone is described as water tight, so do I really need an Aquapac?

  • Click here for more info.

What’s so special about this case?

  • You’ll be able to talk and hear through it without a problem
  • and get great photos and video
  • and your touchscreen will work normally
  • It’s not just 100% waterproof – it’ll protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand too
  • You won’t necessarily have to buy a new one when you upgrade your phone, because it’s a generic rather than a form-fit case (unlike a hard case, it’s not tailored to a specific device).

Anything Else?

sandproof and dustproof too
sandproof and dustproof too
  • It comes with a lanyard so you can hang it round your neck
  • It’s securely, submersibly waterproofed thanks to the quick-action AQUACLIP® seal
  • The seams are welded together with high frequency radio waves, creating a super-strong bond
  • The optically-clear LENZFLEX window is UV-stabilized (so it won’t go yellow in the sun)
  • and the case will still be soft and functional in the extreme cold.

Is this the right size for my phone?

  • This case fits the iPhone 6 7 8 and X, the Google Pixel, and most Samsung Galaxy S phones
  • Check out the Size Guide at the top of the page. It lists most phones and tells you which Aquapacs fit them best.

This is the maximum size of device that will fit:

dimensions diagram

Tip: to get the circumference, add the width to the depth and then multiply this by 2

IPX8 waterproofness iconHow waterproof is it?
Submersible – protected against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m

PVC-FreeTech specs

  • Color: Cool gray with acid green lanyard
  • Materials: TPU with optically-clear LENZFLEX lens window
  • Weight: Case: 1.2oz / 35g  Lanyard: 0.2oz / 7g
  • Country of Origin: Made in the UK.

What else do I need to know?

  • Some smartphones can be very sticky. If your phone is shiny and sticky, pinch the corner of the case and jiggle it to get your phone in and out.
  • Some phones will float in this case and some won’t – make sure you test yours in a basin before you launch it into the sea!
  • Capacitive touchscreens don’t work underwater, the water breaks the circuit. But you can use the volume buttons to operate your camera underwater.
  • Fingerprint recognition such as Apple’s Touch ID won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode.
  • Some phones have rather sharp edges. We recommend use of a thin bumper case which will protect both phone and case.
  • We offer a wide range of different phone cases. Click here to see the complete collection.

Instructions for use and care
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  1. Nick, Belfast

    A Lifesaver. Not just useful, a lifesaver.
    On a company ‘team building exercise’ our boat sank. Our guide’s phone and radio weren’t waterproof so *boom!*
    My phone in its Aquapac case was bone dry and straight to the rescue.
    It truly saved lives that day.

  2. CooloftheWild.com

    I have used it on two canoeing trips and a paddle boarding adventure and it has been invaluable for snapping away without the worry of getting it wet.
    Full review at https://coolofthewild.com/gear/review-aquapac-phone-case

  3. Trail magazine

    Use of the touchscreen is unrestricted and a transparent panel at the back means you can still take photos. The phone slides easily inside. It’s guaranteed waterproof for 30min at 10m depth (but will probably hold out for longer).

  4. All at Sea magazine

    ideal for protecting your electronics including larger smartphones and most handheld GPS units

  5. Sarah, Blenheim, New Zealand

    I have been through a few different cases for my phone and the Aquapac has been by far the best.

  6. Kim, Denmark

    Received it yesterday and went fishing. It’s impressive how responsive the phone is behind the plastic. Pictures are great and video is great.

  7. Alicia, USA

    I have the Small Whanganui case that I use for my Droid Incredible and it is… incredible! Now I want a case for my camera.

  8. Roy, USA

    It has kept my GPS dry while taking hundreds of dunkings from my windsurfing.

  9. Nate Filz, USA. www.berryreview.com

    This has got to be one of the coolest products I have seen in a long time. No longer do you have to be worried if you need/want to take your BlackBerry down to the pool, the beach, into the bathroom while taking a bath or with you when you go boating.

  10. Craig Bergh, The Midwest Speed Quest, Worthington, MN, USA

    We are running a Windsurfing Speed Racing Series this summer. We use a GPS unit to measure the speeds. We also use Aquapac cases to protect the GPS units (There is not such thing as a waterproof GPS unit as we have found out the hard way).

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